learning 2 play that funky spirit

Deep into it

Universe is big. Multiverse more.
But there's no reason to not be infinitely and universally curious.

Win Win Games

Serious fun, where i win and you win.
There's no real happiness and progress if it's not for everybody

Sounds good

Harmonic frequencies are around us since the Big Bang.
They can stimulate the deeper feelings

Play everything

Play games
Play instruments
Play life

latest news

how Tonzilla was born (Learning to design a learning game)

on Design a Game site, i wrote an article about the Tonzilla genesis: how was it born? Why? it’s also a nice intro to game design. read the full article here: http://designagame.eu/2014/07/learning-design-learning-game-tonzilla-born/

Tonzilla – prealpha gameplay

Me and Pietro did a first helicopter blasting video

Open Source and Radical Openness

we believe and we live in Open Source. this is the way to go. watch this video if you don’t have ideas about it’s r-evolutionary power  

The Last Question (the best sci-fi short story)

The Last Question by Isaac Asimov — © 1956 We think everybody should read and meditate on this short story by Isaac Asimov.. (we hope he.. or his editor doesn’t mind if we re-publish it here)   The last question was asked for the first...