play, heart and brain

Stefano CecereKRUR is artisanal game design & development by Stefano Cecere.
mostly musical and learning games, kids apps and virtual reality experiences.
possibly sharing knowledge and easing humanization.


learning 2 play that funky spirit

  • human freedom
  • win-win solutions
  • happy musicals
  • kids learning
  • spiritual evolution
  • cosmic visions
  • non violent attitude
  • sharing knowledge

KRUR etymology

the word KRUR derives from a personal interpretation of sumeric and runic words that i found digging into ancient books


  • in 1984 i got “digital illumination” studying C64’s Peek and Poke.. Machine Language got into Core
  • in 1985, playing Scott Joplin’s ragtimes, i discovered i could improvise and compose new music.. expressive freedom ahead
  • by 1990 developed several Amiga videogames
  • in 1992 pioneered development of Director / Quicktime VR CD-ROMs
  • in 1995 made my first the web site
  • from 1996 gigged around the world playing music
  • bla bla bla…