play, heart and brain

we work 50% on own projects, 50% as consultants and service provider

we have 20 years of work experience, please feel free to contact us for an evaluation!

here are the services we could:

Games and Apps Design & Development

Serious games and Kids apps preferred, but we can work on anything (nonviolent)

Unity 3D, HTML5, real paper and pencil, AI, chaos theory, eLearning, FFT

Virtual Reality

design and development of Virtual Reality interactive experiences: from serious simulations to psycologycally mind blending games

Oculus VR, psychology

Audio & Music

Degree in classical and modern music composition, i worked in dozens on spot jingles, movie soundtracks and records co-produced, international tours as keyboard player…. i think i can try to design, compose, produce and perform your next music!

LogicPro, Native Instruments Komplete, MAX / MSP

Web & Code

natural born coder (learned Machine Language with C64), developed first websites in 1996, today i manage several servers with dozens of websites and (also complex) websites and online solutions

TYPO3WordPress, DAM, ePrints, DSpace, HTML5, Ubuntu, Apache Solr, jQuery, Bootstrap, Git, mysql, OpenSource

Multimedia & Interactive Installations

in 1992 i pioneered the development of first multimedia CD-ROM, the CD-Extra, CDI and all along i never stopped research & development with anything that crosses 2 or more senses.



some of the people and companies i have worked for or with:


  • 883
  • Andrea Steinfl
  • Antonella Ruggiero
  • Bruna Rotunno
  • Cristina Tagliabue
  • DeltaV
  • Fabrizio Consoli
  • Francesca Lago
  • Francesco Sarcina
  • Franco Battiato
  • Jean Michelle Jarre
  • L’Aura
  • Lorenzo Pierobon
  • Marco Tempest
  • Marco Trentacoste
  • Masbedo
  • Morgan
  • Jovanotti
  • Petulia Mattioli
  • Roberto Vernetti
  • Sal
  • Saturnino
  • Soerba
  • Syria
  • Tricarico
  • Umberto Branchini
  • Vittorio Cosma


  • Armando Testa
  • Broad Way
  • Clear Channel
  • Connexia
  • Creeo studio
  • Energy Productions
  • Interzone
  • Lindasoft
  • Mediakey
  • Mediatria
  • Microsoft
  • Mondadori
  • Mondo
  • Music Production
  • MW Powerlab
  • New Sounds
  • Provincia di Firenze
  • Pry
  • Re Media
  • Smemoranda / GUT
  • Soleluna
  • Trident Agency
  • Unnecessary Productions
  • Verba Corrige
  • Yond